Retrospective #1 – Resident Evil 4

“Imagine plugging a controller into a surgically joined Hollywood blockbuster, made from bits of Indiana Jones, Commando, Predator and Labyrinth (yes, the one with David Bowie).

Set it in a world based around, “Royston Vasey crossed with wartorn Vietnam”, and apart from the main characters, inhabit it heavily with your friendly “get mashed-up and fight on a Friday in Yate’s” local townfolk. But dress them in peasant clothing, not Ben Sherman.

Imagine the film’s story being 20 hours long and having all the slow bits edited out: No “where doesn’t it hurt?” bit from Raiders of the Lost Ark; No “My motive is to save my daughter” bit from Commando; No “dancing muppets” bit from Labyrinth.

Keep the dialog tight to Predator / Die Hard, sit back and enjoy.”

Released in 2005 for Nintendo Gamecube.
Now also available for the PoS2.


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