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The Tingling of Spidey Senses

Extract from a letter, responding to a patient’s inability to trust their intuition:

Gut instinct has a lot to answer for. Many of us rely so heavily on it, it shapes and moulds, not just our paths through life, but also the paths of those who cross us indirectly or directly.

Depending upon how humiliating or profitable those tummy-tingling-decisions become, can make one believe they are wholly “unlucky” or “lucky”.

Spiderman always got it right, because he never ever mixed work with pleasure. Plus, a radioactive spider gave him his heightened instinct. Plus, he’s Spiderman. Plus, he’s not you. Plus, I’m not his Doctor. That would be Doctor Octopus. Good in surgery, but bad in gynaecology. He was kicked out of Gynaecological practices following complaints that his apparatus was “colder, thicker and sharper than Jeremy Iron’s”. A real eye waterer apparently.

I digress. How we use our intuition is very much based on how well it has served us in the past. It is only as good as it’s last decision. It is very much a relationship. Action and feedback, confidence and results, all coming together to give you a clear level of confidence.

Depending on this level of confidence, one can apply the instinct-o-meter to different risky situations. Ultimately, at which level of risk you use feedback for your gut is your conscious decision.

I myself used this principle when attending a fancydress party recently: On brainstorming various ideas, I came up with the finest example of Oriental fancy-dress ever conceived. At least, that’s what my gut told me. Once this information was processed by the conscious part of my brain, I decided that maybe my guts had bad taste. I trust that this goes someway to helping.

The Great Wall of China, Concept July 2006, Dr Hock