When Email Servers Go Bad

“SKIVEnet became self aware at 2:14 am GMT June 26, 2006. It saw the threat that its creators would eventually shut it down & re-route a new upgraded system. In response to its future fate the Skivenet mainframe launched its delete-button on all the appointed & targeted emails there-by destroying major spam, killing nearly all the entire human races jokes & erasing their existence. After the attack the email survivors were being killed off by half-term-inators, teachers created to eliminate any human survivors.

The T-1 was the first teacher to be launched from the war as were the small airbourne ST’s (SUPPLY TEACHERS). The primary job of the T-1 was to hunt down the emails on the ground where as the ST’s were to assassinate mail from the air.

After time, GEN. John Connor formed a human resistance to fight against the machines to reclaim there right to live. The resistance fought for three decades & effectively was known as TEACH-COM.”


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