W. W. W. W. H. ?

Small children go through a fascinating phase of constantly asking questions. “Why this?”, “why that?”, “why why?”, “what is what?”. Funny that they never ask, “why am I asking so many questions?”, “why won’t I shut the fuck up” or “why does daddy touch me there”. That’s because young children are both stupid and lazy. Often smelling of a poor-wipe-stench.

Taking time to read instruction manuals is deemed to be a waste of time. Manufacturers evolve their products to take away the questions and the thought, the understanding. Promoting the electronics, mechanics or software as being user friendly or “SMART”. We buy autonomy and buy the future, but know less and less about “why” or “how”. When “user-friendly” becomes “ctr-alt-del”, when “SMART” becomes, “try giving the cable a wiggle” and when “Auto Install” becomes “I’m gonna put my foot through the cocking telly”.

Our lack of understanding, acceptance that technology has moved far beyond the solder-and-screwdriver-fixit generation and an over-estimation of our security in the whirring, clicking and beeping we surround ourselves with, is resulting with us finally asking the real questions: “When’s the tip open?” and “How much is a new one in Tesco?”.


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