Scone Watch #2

General Rules of scoring
For a “level playing field” the scones need to be rated whenever they become available. At all times, everytime. The scone judge is never off-duty. Only sweet scones qualify for judging and the judge must pick the most ill-formed scone from the pile. Butter with strawberry jam are the prime veneers, marks will be lost for any other variation. Scones may be complimented with a hot beverage such as tea.

Version Tested
Standard Currant Scone.

Gretna Services, M6.

Good percentage of fruit.
Excellent “pat-shaped” rough form.
Robinson Strawberry Jam.
Intelligent pre-emptive Jam condiment free of charge and ready-plated.

Very dry.
Very crumbley.
Stored poorly in chiller cabinet.

“In it’s attempt to perform a ‘Hand of God’ style clotted-cream-distraction-manouvre, it forgot the key requisites which makes the difference between an ‘OK’ scone and a ‘truly historic’ scone. You can’t polish a turd, so don’t expect us to eat a shiny poo.”

4 out of 10

* “Hatted Cow” commendation for providing “Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream”, free and pre-plated with every scone.”


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