Scone Watch #1

General Rules of scoring
For a “level playing field” the scones need to be rated whenever they become available. At all times, everytime. The scone judge is never off-duty. Only sweet scones qualify for judging and the judge must pick the most ill-formed scone from the pile. Butter with strawberry jam are the prime veneers, marks will be lost for any other variation. Scones may be complimented with a hot beverage such as tea.

Version Tested
Standard Currant Scone.

Chadd’s Department Store, Hereford.

Light crunchy exterior.
Not too doughy interior.
Not too sweet.
Meadow Churn Butter was available.
Excellent hand-made irregular form.
Slightly warm inside.

Average amount of fruit.
No Strawberry Jam, only Frank Cooper’s Raspberry Jam.
A little sticky when masticating.

“Would have been a scone triumph had the jam been correctly stocked.”

8 out of 10


2 thoughts on “Scone Watch #1

  1. Hmmm... says:

    What is your opinion on “Cream Teas”?


  2. As I am yet to obtain the correct S.I.F.A. badges, it is professionally illegal for me to pass judgement on the West-Country treat.


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