Monthly Archives: March 2006


The words “Forumcruft” and “Podcast” are being discussed today. Specifically because they are words made up by a section of society held in low regard. Hidden behind their Lidl TFT monitors, and bookmarked thumbnail porn, these wikipaedophiles are known affectionately across the world as “Cunts”. Podcast, livecrankoneoutcast, webcast, cocknballscast.

Poor fucking “Wormcasts”, I hate you. You early-adopting coils of digested mud and vegetable matter.

You know video diaries? Not good enough I’m afraid. “Vlogs” Jesus Fucking Christ! They couldn’t even use “Video Blog” because it’s too damn hard to say! Pikey techno idiots.

Excuse me while I take a “Sturd” and wipe my arse using “Baper”.