Lost A-Team Airfix Sketch

This was an idea that myself & W had many years ago and would be great to to a screenplay/script for:

Quite a simple idea really. The A-Team are captured and, instead of being killed, the are locked in a garage in the usual way, only to find that the interior of the garage is lacking in any supermechavehicleweapon making equipment.

The interior is blinding white, with no obvious feature apart from a large white table in the
centre of the room. On the table is a atube of polystyrene cement, a toilet roll and an Airfix kit of an airplane. The A Team look at each other a little lost.

Cut to the “barn door” exterior doors of the garage. There is a muffled engine sound followed by door being blasted off their hinges by an exiting supertankmechaATeamcoconutchuckingbehemoth vehicle.


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