Monthly Archives: March 2006

Brown Water

Mr B reminded me of a present that no-one likes to receive. Triple distilled and steeped in dark history, not only did it increase his heartbeat and make his knees quiver, it forced the man to become quite vocal on the subject.

“Hock! You’ve left something in the toilet”

Little did he know, that same brown-trout had been swimming around Loch Mess for over 3 days and had survived over seven downpours. One day, it will manage to make it’s way along the treacherous peaty waters to it’s spawning grounds.

Associated fish:
Bottom Feeders, Stench, sturdgeon, Coy Parp, Brown Trout, Stainbow Trout, Ponger Eel. TBC

And waterbourne animals:
Great Shite, Dead Otter, Ponguin. TBC